About Us


Stay-Rite Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of STAY-RITE™ Universal Platform Stacking Device located in Cartersville, GA. 

STAY-RITE™ Universal Platform Stacking Device was born out of necessity since our current location utilizes gaylord type containers. STAY-RITE™, made with recycled plastic material, is a reusable and economical material handling solution, placed in each of the four corners of an open top container, helping to prevent a stacked container and pallet from collapsing into the container below. STAY-RITE™ coner boards exhibit significant load bearing capability, while supporting multiple stacked containers and several thousand pounds of static load.

STAY-RITE™ reduces the pallet to box contact where damage and breakdown occur. Your expendable gaylords and open-top containers will last longer and provide multiple re-uses rather than being damaged, destroyed, and discarded to the baler, and your STAY-RITE™ part is free to be used again and again. Eliminate floor cannibalizing racks, densify inventory, handle inventory bulk containers more efficiently, and stack safely with STAY-RITE™.