STAY-RITE™ Universal Stacking Platform Device is initially intended for the gaylord type container market, applying to both new and re-use gaylords.

New and re-use open-top bulk containers are widespread across multiple industries. They’re an acceptable, customary, and necessary container as an industry standard.

Bulk open-top containers find use in multiple market segments for the movement, production, storage, and transportation of raw materials, as well as, unfinished goods and finished goods in the chemicals, plastics, food, produce, and waste markets.

As a result of their widespread use, bulk open-top type containers require excessive handling, movement, storage, warehousing, and work-in-process staging.

These scenarios require bulk open-top containers with anti-racking capability for the safe and efficient use of manufacturing and warehouse floor space, as well as, maximizing volume shipping and handling in transit.


Utilization of STAY-RITE™ Universal Stacking Platform Device significantly increases the re-use and overall life expectancy of bulk open-top containers. 

With multiple re-use of bulk open-top containers, the integration of STAY-RITE™ Universal Stacking Platform Device significantly decreases overall packaging costs, promotes product loss prevention, increases usable warehouse floor space, provides anti-racking capability for stacking purposes, and promotes a safer work environment by reducing dangerous work conditions and worker liability due to unstable falling inventory.

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