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  • Fits Both Octagonal, Square, & Circular Open-Top Containers.
  • Covers and Protects the Top Rim of the Gaylord Container Wall
  • Reduces Damages Done to Gaylords.
  • Universally Supports Long, Short, Narrow or Wide Pallets
  • Fits Most Multi-Wall Containers up to 1.5” Inches Thick
  • Friction Fit That Easily Presses Into Place
  • Forward & Rear “Sliding Lock Action”
  • Simple & Fast Installation Without Hardware or Fasteners
  • Installs In Full or Empty Containers
  • Manufactured With Recycled Plastic Material And Integrated Web Design For Added Rigidity, Durability, & Toughness. 


  • Safer Stacking of Inventory
  • Significant Load Bearing Capability
  • Vertical & Horizontal Weight Distribution of the Supported Container
  • Stabilizes Stacks While Increasing Stack Height
  • Increases Warehouse Floor Space
  • Product Loss Preventer
  • Increases Worker Safety & Reduces Liability of Falling Inventory
  • Deters Degradation of New & Re-Use Gaylord Containers
  • Significantly Increases Re-Use of Gaylord Containers
  • Strengthens , Braces, & Reinforces the Gaylord Corner
  • Can Be Used With or Without Pallets
  • Works In Combination With Both Corrugated & Non-Corrugated Containers
  • Improves Shipping, Storage & Handling of Gaylords